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Reebok Lifestyle Princess are the lightweight shoes which have stunning level of comfort to offer. These shoes are made from the top notch materials which make them very long lasting and comfortable. They have the latest technologies which keep your feet free from stress and moisture and they also deliver superior comfort. These shoes are the perfect combination with the casual outfit for everyday use. The upper is made from the garment leather which is durable and soft. The upper can be cleaned very easily and it ensures perfect fit. The upper has the lace up closure system which ensures that you get secure, precise and customized fastening every time. The collar and tongue have been cushioned to keep you ankle and feet free from stress and irritation. The lining is made from the terry which is very soft and comfortable. The lining absorbs the moisture from your feet to keep them healthy, dry and fresh throughout the day. The sock-liner is cushioned with the foam which makes the surface under your feet pillow soft and give you walk on the cloud feeling. The midsole is made from the EVA which is lightweight, shocks absorbing and it provides superb support. By absorbing shocks the midsole ensures that your feet stay free from fatigue and stress. The midsole also give you custom fit by molding as per the shape of your feet with gradual use. The outsole is made from the rubber which is lightweight and flexible. The outsole has the tread pattern to provide grip and traction for secure and slip free ride. It weighs just 8 ounces as per size 6. You can find this style in these colors: White and Black.




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Sandra Briggs from Sonoma, CA

I have foot problems ... car accident related. I'm lucky that I have my right foot at all. I can't wear most regular shoes. I stand on my feet all day as a dog groomer. They have been my life saver. Unfortunately for me, there are no stores within one hours drive from where I live who have this brand and so I choose to buy them at Zappos. Unfortunately, I don't buy much else in the way of shoes because I can't wear most shoes with the exception of some Mules. They always fit and arrive in a reasonable amount of time from when I order them. Sorry I can't give you more business!

Vivien from Springfield MO

I have worn the this shoe for years. I think I am on my third or fourth pair, but will likely look for another brand and style. They either mislabeled my recently purchased pair of shoes or have downsized the Princess shoe in the last few years. Wearing this pair for a half hour or so for a brisk walk on a treadmill resulted in a substantial bruise on my big toe. That never happened with previous pairs of the Princess style, even when brand new. I compared the shoe with my previous pair- the new pair is substantially narrower. Beware.

Dottie from Oklahoma

My feet are painful. This is the only shoe that I can wear all day and not be miserable within a few hours. I have tried any number of good shoes, but keep going back to this one. The leather is soft, and it seems to have more padding in the soles, especially for the balls of my feet. I've worn them for nearly 20 years and will continue to do so. My only complaint is that the "wide" width needs to be wider. Extra wide would be perfect. I strongly recommend them for nurses or others who are on their feet for extended periods.

Grandma Mellie from From Alaska to South Texas to Arizona to Hawaii

I have tried many, many shoes for walking, running and exercising. The only ones I have ever been satisfied with and have purchased repeatedly are these. They fit my feet perfectly. There is no, and I repeat NO seam over the toes and through the toe area. This is where any and all other shoes fall short for me. I have been wearing them for over 10 years and have tried others, but always return to the Princess. When they begin to wear out, they become my "beater" shoes and/or lake and ocean shoes to do work around our various places. I walk/run up to 9 miles per day and feel that these shoes do offer enough support for my feet. Others have told me they don't think there's enough support; maybe there isn't for them, but I am truly happy with these and will continue to purchase them as long as they're made and I can walk. I do not believe the fact that they're not expensive enters into my decision at all, as I have purchased walking shoes at well over $150 and had toe situations. These are the shoes for me.

Robin from Perth Western Australia

I first discovered them in Seattle 1986 holidays much to my joy. I take a size 12, and for some reason here in Perth Western Australia I am forever being told that size 10/11 is it, and they're gone when they arrive, the largest sports store will get my size in 2011. I love the fit and ultra lightweight is just so good it makes walking easy. Now I have the internet I can buy them off you instead of getting my brother to send them across from Canada. Thank you very much for supplying me with 2 pairs of wonderful Reebok Walkers. I pray they never stop making them.

Janet Cloud from Garnerville, New York

I love the design of this sneaker as I have small narrow feet and the underside of my ankle bones rub on all the other sneakers due to the high cut of the sides. These however are lower and fit most comfortably even on the first wear; no break-in is necessary. There is nothing that I do not love about these sneakers. I bought them because my previous pair purchased several years ago were well worn and we were headed to Walt Disney World for vacation and as most of you know that involves lots of walking in the hot Florida sun. I never even knew I had shoes on my feet. It was like walking on cushions.


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