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Reebok Lifestyle Freestyle Hi are very lightweight sneakers which have ankle high silhouette to get classic and unique looks. These sneakers are designed to keep your feet fully comfortable from all angles and allow you stable and secure ride all the time. They can be used with the casual outfit to get great sporty looks. They have the comfortable interior and durable exterior which allows you to wear them for long time with comfort. The upper is made from the garment leather which is soft and provides perfect fit. The upper can be cleaned easily to give these sneakers excellent out of the box looks. The collar and tongue are cushioned to give you comfortable prevent any irritation or blisters caused by the extended wearing of these shoes. The upper has the lace up closure on the top along with the hook and loop closure at the ankle to allow maximum secure, snug and customized fit. The lining is designed to keep the interior fresh and comfortable by allowing breathability. The lining also absorbs the moisture from the feet to keep them healthy, cool and dry. The sock-liner is cushioned with the foam which is very soft and it provides excellent comfort. The midsole is made from the EVA which multiples the comfort by absorbing shocks and reducing the stress and fatigue on your feet, legs and spine. The midsole also molds as per the shape of your feet to give you personalized fit. The outsole is made from the rubber which has the special pattern to maintain traction on different types of surfaces. The outsole is flexible and it ensure stable and secure ride. It weighs 10 ounces as per size 8. You can find this style in these colors: White/ White/ White, Silver/ White and Black.





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I have been wearing the them for at least 20 years. It is the most consistently comfortable shoe ever. Some shoes need to be 'worn in' before they are comfortable, but not these. I did note that the size seemed small. I normally wear a size 5, but had to return it for a 5.5, which is now perfect.
I have very little feet, I only take a 4 1/2 shoe and try finding size 4 1/2 is very hard! I have been wearing these sneakers for years now, they are the only company that makes a sneaker in size 5 that actually fits my foot, yes they are a little bit loose, but I have learned how to adjust. I was extremely happy to find my sneakers and decided to order two pairs!
It is the only shoe I buy. I like the way it looks and it is extremely comfortable. I have arthritis in my foot and any pressure on the bone is extremely painful. This shoe has extremely soft leather, which is very 'kind' to my feet. I would recommend this shoe to anyone foot problems or not. It is just a very comfortable shoe.
I'm a retired nurse and have trouble with a lot of different type shoes due to arthritis. over the years of work I found this shoe to be very comfortable. I've started walking for health, and having trouble finding a comfortable walking shoe, I remember this shoe. I put this shoe on the first day walked two miles no problem very, very comfortable, this is now my walking shoes.
I have worn the them for several years. I work in a nursing home and the floors are cement covered with tile. My feet are not as tired when I wear these shoes. The only thing I would change is the length of the laces. They are very long and even if I double knot them I still on occasion untie them by stepping on the bow.
This is my favorite sneaker. They are light and cut lower so I can wear slacks and the hem doesn't bunch up over the shoes. The arch support is good, and you can wash the shoes in your washer and let them air dry. I touch them up with Sneaker White and they stay new-looking and comfortable for a long time.


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